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Since Islamic republic of Iran is the Umm al-Qura of Islamic world and is the only Shieh government of the world that is planned according to the Islamic and Shieh ideology, it is necessary to perform global activities in halal affairs in line with the ideals of the Islamic revolution.

Also due to the differentiation of Shieh jurisprudence and other Islamic splits, probable interference with politics of non-Islamic governments, business perspective influences on halal products, producing or importing materials containing preservatives, alcohol, emulsifiers, enzymes, flavors, etc. and effects of haram on mental and physical health, it was necessary to establish a center to study such matters in Islamic republic of Iran.

Due to these necessities and lack of an institute to oversee the purity and sanctity in Islamic republic of Iran, and also the need to detect whether the substances of health oriented products are halal or haram, halal research center of Islamic republic of Iran was established under the food and drug administration in a meeting of ministers’ cabinet on 1396/1/16 and its statute was approved by the council of medical universities development on 1394/7/26.



Halal national research center has been established under the food and drug administration to further develop the education, research, and problem solving approaches on purity and sanctity of food, drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, supplements, medical devises and equipment; organizing and concentrating the educational activities and research relevant to halal affairs, coordination between relevant centers in the country, maintaining active interactions with international centers to further advance the information exchanges on science, education and research and required techniques for the center.



1- Setting policies and programs in executive affairs of purity, sanctity, and hygiene of halal products and services.

2- Use and development of religious, academic and laboratorial sciences in purity, sanctity and hygiene of materials, products and services with the cooperation of national and international institutes

3- Performing practical and fundamental research in purity and sanctity of materials and products to reach new and valid methods of controlling their purity and sanctity.

4- Establishing general and specialized labs to validate the purity and sanctity of products and materials.

5- Performing general and specialized tests in controlling the purity and sanctity of products and materials through qualified labs.

6- Training experts and scholars according to the institute’s targets, duties and type of activity, and encouraging and protecting experts and scholars in relevant areas.

7-  Holding educational courses in controlling and validation of halal products and services at the request of companies and institutes.

8- Collecting, arranging and classifying relevant documents and articles and publishing them as books, scientific magazines, gatherings and seminars.

9- Preparing rules and regulations in relevance with products and materials hygiene, purity and sanctity, and association in preparing the regulations of other institutes.

10- Consulting religious centers and referees in determining the purity, sanctity and hygiene of products, materials and services due to the increasing developments of food and material manufacturers.

11- Issuing relevant certificates in accordance with rules and regulations and also performing relevant tests.



1- Becoming a global scientific and religious reference.

2- Earning a national and international spot as evaluator and quality controller of healthy halal material and products.

3- Acquiring a place as one of the Halal certification bodies in the country as well as middle east and Eastern Mediterranean

4- Achieving new and valid methods of purity, sanctity and hygiene control for material, services and products due to annual program.

5- Setting policies in evaluation and quality control of healthy halal products, materials and services and also private sector participation.

6- Communication and cooperation with national and international religious and academic centers to investigate subjects and challenges relevant to purity, sanctity and health of included products, materials and services.

7- Establishing a center for quality control and evaluation of health halal products.

8- Establishing a national and international training center on evaluation and control of healthy halal products

9- Application of electronic technology and services in performing all of the Center's operational activities to increase stakeholder satisfaction

10- Establishing an educational system for students in master and PHD studies of purity, sanctity and health control of halal products, materials and services.





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