Halal , Health & Happiness

Halal, Health & Happiness

Today, Health and halal are bonded and integrated together. According to the World Health Organization, the definition of health is the enjoyment of complete physical, mental and social comfort, and not just the absence of disease and organ failure.

With this definition (WHO definition) we find that health is a multi-dimensional issue, even today, in addition to the physical, psychological, and social dimension, they consider the spiritual aspect as well. It should be noted that different aspects of health or disease affect each other. If physical problems affects one's psyche, psychological problems affecting his body, as well as both of them affect society, and disorders in society, affect both other aspects of health, Therefore, measures taken to promote health should consider all aspects of individual health (physical, mental and spiritual) and overall health of the community.

Here, to simplify the article, we describe the various dimensions of health separately, although not practically separable from one another.


Physical aspect

The most common aspect of health is physical health, which can be more easily measured than other dimensions of health. Physical health is in fact due to the proper functioning of the organs of the body. Biologically, the proper functioning of the cells and organs of the body and their coordination is a sign of physical health.


Psychological aspect

Obviously, measuring mental health will be more difficult than physical health. Here, it's not just mental illness, but the ability to adapt to environmental conditions, having proper response to life's problems and incidents, is an important aspect of mental health. Another point to be made here is that many mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, etc., affect physical health and there is a connection between mental and physical illnesses. Some symptoms of mental health include:

Adoption of the individual with himself and others, proper judgment in dealing with issues, having a critical attitude and having an adequate response to problems.


Spiritual aspect

One of the main areas of mental illness and psychiatric complications is the feeling of absurdity, futility and psychological decline caused by the lack of spirituality in people’s lives. Faith, purposefulness of life, moral commitment, co-operation, having good sense and paying more attention to spiritual matters of life reduces anxiety, mental retardation and its complications.


Halal bond with health and happiness

Nowadays, the world's eyes are unique in terms of health, both the individual and society have the right to have a full spiritual and physical well-being and to be on the path of growth and development. In this regard, the association of halal, health and well-being is meaningful





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