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Halal In Fortieth Year Of Islamic Republic Of Iran

حلال در چهل سالگی انقلاب

Since Islamic republic of Iran is the Umm al-Qura of Islamic world and is the only Shieh government of the world that is planned according to the Islamic and Shieh ideology, it is necessary to perform global activities in halal affairs in line with the ideals of the Islamic revolution. We decided to have a brief overview of halal issue before and after the Islamic Revolution with the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.


The Halal mark was first introduced in the 1980s.

Before the 1980s, there was trade between Islamic and non-Islamic countries, but the use of the term was not legal, because the products being halal was not really worth considering. Each country guaranteed its imported products with its own requirements, and the trade was based on trust.

Few countries used the approval of their embassies, which was not done with direct control. In fact, control was not considered until the issue of fraud was raised. In this system, if there was any doubt, either the goods would be returned or ignored, the political and economic relationship was more important than religious ones.


The emergence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 was a major step in changing this kind of adaptation to the direction of Halal.

Imam Khomeini banned all imported non-religious meat to be discarded, given the lack of domestic meat and the ban on the import of these types of meat, the government decided to send workers and inspectors to slaughterhouses in Australia and Europe to ensure that the chain was adapted to Islamic requirements and regulations. Of course, the problem was the expensive system and the length of the process that was defined, but it was also the basis inspiration for issuance of halal certificates.

Imam's command is as follows:


Ban on the consumption of frozen meat

Time: 2 March 1979

Place: Qom

Subject: Refusing to consume foreign frozen meat


In the name of god

Your Excellency Prime Minister, God willing


It is imperative that you order the relevant authorities to prevent the import of frozen meat and its consumption, and that what is available from these types of meat is to be eliminated; because they are impure and forbidden, and people also do not have the right to use them as feeds and they can be used for agriculture, such as land fertilization.


Rouhollah al-Musawi al-Khomeini


This ruling was issued on March 2, 1979, and even before the official formation of the Islamic Republic of Iran by Imam Khomeini (RA), which shows the importance of this issue in our Islamic government.


Establishment of Halal Research Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Also due to the differentiation of Shiah jurisprudence and other Islamic religions, probable interference with politics of non-Islamic governments, business perspective influences on halal products, producing or importing materials containing preservatives, alcohol, emulsifiers, enzymes, flavors, etc. and effects of haram on mental and physical health, it was necessary to establish a center to study such matters in Islamic republic of Iran.


Halal research center of Islamic republic of Iran is operating in fields of healthy halal products and services and is aiming to reach a position as one of the halal certifiers is the country as well as middle east and eastern Mediterranean, and achieve its greatest goals by creating process oriented approach in every level of the center; And to meet every legitimate requirement, and to uphold technical, quality, health, belief and purity standards through customer focus and gaining the satisfaction of all beneficiaries.


Holding the first international conference of halal products in December 2017

For the first time in the country, the International Congress of Halal Products with the presence of domestic officials and more than 60 foreign guests from Islamic countries was held for two days in the cultural capital of the Islamic World, Mashhad, with the aim of examining issues in the field of food, medicine, cosmetics and Health and Halal Garments based on view points of Shariah and Halal Products, Research, Halal Products and Technology, Halal Products Economics.





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حلال در چهل سالگی انقلاب
حلال در چهل سالگی انقلاب
حلال در چهل سالگی انقلاب